Iashvili plays at Diaspora day concert

On May 27th a concert was held in the Tbilisi Conservatory, dedicated to Diaspora Day.

Violinist Gia Iashvili came to Georgia from Austria for the festival “From Easter to Ascension” which was held in Batumi on May 21 and remained to perform alongside well-known violoncellist Giorgi Kharadze and pianist Tamar Lichelli, both conservatory musicians.

On the main stage of the Tbilisi Conservatory Iashvili premiered a new project in which well-known arias were played for the audience. The concert was attended by Sozar Subari the Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories and Refugees.

“What does a rocket ship need to fly? Fuel? No! Effort! Effort from the people inside the rocket. Today on this stage I saw something beautiful and I couldn’t have seen this without their effort. I’m very delighted to be here and I can see that you are as well,” enthused Gela Dumbadze, the Minister of Diaspora Issues, addressing the audience at the close of the concert.

George Abashvili

28 May 2015 22:44