New Construction Regulations to Be Introduced

New construction regulations will come into force on 15 January affecting the production of cement products, steel frames, electric cables and plastic pipes. The changes will align Georgian technical regulations with those of the European Union, stated the Technical and Construction Supervision Agency of Georgia.

The new regulations come under Georgia’s obligations to the European Union within its Association Agreement. The Association Agreement sets out a framework of co-operation between the European Union and Georgia in areas such as trade, culture, and security. The regulations also form part of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Deal, which established free trade areas between the European Union, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine.

The regulations require importers of construction materials to submit a declaration specifying the characteristics of imported products to the Revenue Service of Georgia. The Revenue will stop the import of any construction materials that do not have the necessary documents and report such cases to the Technical and Construction Supervision Agency.

Moreover, any construction products that do not meet the required standards will be removed from the market.

The regulations were initially introduced on 15 November 2018. However, the launch date was postponed to 15 January 2019 as the private sector was not adequately informed about the regulations.

Tighter construction regulations have been an important topic in Georgia for some time. In 2017, the government amended technical regulations and building safety rules with the aim of making new buildings and construction sites safer.

A lack of regulations in the past has allowed for the poor management of new building construction. Many modern buildings in Tbilisi contradict their surroundings and stand completely empty. Such new regulations are important to ensure that urban planning in Tbilisi is successful and safe.

By Amy Jones

14 January 2019 17:15