National Geographic Publishes Video on Tbilisi

Last week, National Geographic published a short video on Tbilisi on their Facebook page, heralding the city as one of their favorite destinations in 2018.

“Riotous and anarchic the capital of Georgia is anything but orderly. Despite this—or because of it—it's one of the best, most strikingly original cities in the world. It represents the epitome of east meets west: a Silk Road crossroads where Arab, Ottoman, Mongol, and Russian imperial forces each left their own distinctive cultural mark.” read the video subtitles.

“Tbilisi was once a labyrinth of crumbling art nouveau palaces and decaying, overgrowing balconies. In the aftermath of the country's brief, devastating 2008 war with Russia, waves of foreign investment have transformed Georgia into a model of frenetic development. Tbilisi's anarchically bohemian spirit still suffuses its historic district where traditional Georgian experiences, like the 24-hour sulphur baths, should not be missed,” it continued.

The full video can be watched here.

by Amy Jones
Photo source: The Telegraph
14 January 2019 14:41