Tbilisi Metro Celebrates 53rd Birthday

The Tbilisi Metro celebrated its 53rd year since opening on 11 January 1966. The Tbilisi Metro was the first to open in West Asia and the fourth metro in the former Soviet Union.

The construction of the Tbilisi Metro began in 1952. The first six stations were opened on 11 January 1966. Since its opening, it has grown to 23 stations and 2 lines. 

Tbilisi Metro has had a turbulent history. During the 1990s, the Metro was underfunded and struggled to run properly due to a lack of electricity. In addition, petty crime such as pickpocketing and mugging was rife.

Although many of the station names were changed after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia’s soviet past is still visible in the Metro. Typical of other Soviet metros, the stations are located very deep under the city and Soviet decorations are still visible. 

The Tbilisi Metro has undergone major rehabilitation since the 2000s. A third line under Vake is planned, however it is unclear when construction will begin.


By Amy Jones 

Photo source: Georgia Starts Here 

11 January 2019 19:04