Disinfection Works to Be Carried Out at Educational Institutions

Disinfection works will be carried out at schools and other educational institutions to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

The works will take place during the winter holidays, which were extended up to January 21 due to increased cases of flu and H1N1 virus, so-called swine flu, which claimed lives of at least 13 people in the country.

The Ministry of Education called on all schools and educational institutions to use holidays and conduct disinfection works and after the restoration of studies, regularly clean desks, rooms, halls, and other inventory.

The ministry announced on January 9 that the 2018-2019 winter holidays for schoolchildren will be prolonged by one week due to increased cases of the flu virus. 

“Despite the fact that the flu virus is not epidemic, the Ministry believes it is necessary to prolong the 2018-2019 winter holidays, including January 18, to prevent the spreading of the flu virus. During this period we will continue to monitor the current situation and taking into consideration the recommendation of the healthcare ministry, we will inform the public about the next joint decision," the Ministry said.

Tbilisi Public Kindergarten Management Agency also announced that the childcare process will be resumed at kindergartens on January 21.

Winder holidays were prolonged at the higher educational institutions too.

Official statistics read the virus cases have decreased this week. If before there were 277 cases per 100,000 people, this week it is 13 cases less, which is 254 cases per 100,000.

It is predicted that the decrease will continue during the next week too.

By Thea Morrison

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