Underground Passages to Be Designated to Young Painters

The government of the capital city of Georgia is focused on the inclusion of youth in the process of revitalizing and developing Tbilisi. As such, a number of interesting initiatives have been launched by Tbilisi City Hall.

One of the new projects sees the designating of underground passages in Tbilisi to young painters and allowing them to use the freedom of their imagination in order to add color to the infrastructure of the city.

Paint is to be distributed to the painters once their applications are received through the web-page of Tbilisi City Hall. The final decision will be announced within a 5-day term after submission. The vital requirement that has be taken into consideration by the applicants is to work within the limits: ‘No Politics’, ‘No Filth’, ‘No Religion’ and ‘No Advertising’.


By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: tbilisi.gov.ge

10 January 2019 12:17