A New Year Offer from Maqro Construction


Location, a green yard, spaces for various needs, an experienced construction company and parking spaces – these are the main criteria potential customers pay attention to while choosing an apartment.

Within the high level of rivalry on the construction market, Maqro Construction is one of those outstanding companies that fully meets all the above mentioned requirements. It has prepared special offers for those who are interested in acquiring real estate for the New Year. When purchasing an apartment in the Green Diamond Residential Complex before January 15, you will receive a discount of 23%, along with an underground parking space free of charge. The offer includes units of different size in the completed residential complex, with finished renovation works and fixed kitchen facilities. The number of apartments is limited.

Built to the highest standards in European residential development, Green Diamond comprises three stages and will integrate a 70,000 sq. m area and 1,800 residential apartments in total. Within the scope of the project, three swimming pools will be set up on the territory. One of them has already opened following completion of the first stage of construction and the welcoming of the first residents. The given complex also includes playgrounds, relaxation areas and pathways, all of which are located in the specially greened area close to nature and far from the busy rhythm of urban life, presenting residenta all the necessary elements for maximum comfort.

The first stage of Green Diamond was completed by Maqro Construction ahead of plan. The construction process of the second stage of the project is now well underway, and is scheduled to be finished within the next several months.

In 2019, the final stage of the construction of Green Diamond will begin, set to last 30 months. It will be the continuation of the concept the company has been following for multiple years already: “The best residential and working standards for the country’s local population and its visitors is the paramount aim of our company”.

Taking into consideration the given factors, the company has launched a brand new concept – Smart Living, which is based on ameliorated standards applied in every aspect of life. The Green Diamond Residential Complex and its facilities represent the constituent of the given concept, offering everything needed for a comfortable and enjoyable life, far from the busy city, close to nature. Playgrounds, fitness and recreational areas, children’s play parks, swimming pools, commercial areas – everything for the residents of Green Diamond to utilize without leaving the territory of the complex. Delighted clientele is the credo of Maqro Construction.

Maqro Construction is the constituent company of Maqro Group. With the total size of investments carried out in Georgia, Maqro Group is one of the five leading investors. The value of the direct investments to the Georgian economy exceeds $270 million. The core spheres of operation of Maqro Group are construction and development, tourism and the hotel industry, furniture production and its retail and wholesale transactions, nutrition and restaurant industries.

In ongoing construction projects, Maqro Construction is included in the list of the top three companies. The residential complexes Green Budapest and Green Diamond, hotels Mercure Tbilisi Old Town and Ibis Styles Tbilisi Center, furniture enterprise Glorya Furniture and furniture salon Bellissa, home décor and perfumery brand Madam Coco stores, Dinehall restaurant – these are the successful projects the company has launched since 2013. Maqro Construction has completed the construction of one of the outstanding residential complexes Green Budapest, representing the customer oriented complex with the high quality works beeing carried out during the building process. The total investment cost of the project counts to $48 million, while the total investment cost of Green Diamond exceeds $120 million.


Image source: Maqro Construction

Translated by Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

09 January 2019 13:13