317,980 Parking Fines Issued in Tbilisi in 2018

Between 10 April and 27 November 2018, the Tbilisi Transport Company issued 317,980 fines for irregular parking in Tbilisi.

Tbilisi Transport Company replaced Tbilisi City Park on 10 April 2018 as the main parking regulator in Tbilisi.

The majority of fines (224,244) were written due to cars parking without a special permit. Drivers must buy permits from Tbilisi Transport Company in order to park in specific marked zones. The fine for parking without a permit is 10 Lari. 82,376 cars were also fined for parking in prohibited zones.

The issue of fines aims to encourage drivers to park correctly, ensuring roads are as safe as possible in Tbilisi.


By Amy Jones

Photo source – Reinishfischer.com


04 January 2019 17:54