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Dyna Heng is an economist at an international organization based on Washington DC. She visited Georgia in December as a member of a team that provided training to a group of officials at central banks and ministries of finance from 11 countries in the region. The training took place in Batumi. She wrote the following poem to reflect her time and experiences here, which GEORGIA TODAY decided to publish in this last issue of 2018 as an inspiration to all.

Georgia’s Rose

Georgia, I came to you and you took over my mind

With hospitality, cuisine, and wines.

Your vivacious rose as it was in full bloom

Embraced the friendship that filled the room.

The sweet smile on her face aroused my curiosity

And was etched on my fond memories.

Her sparkling eyes were the windows to the soul,

As the black-sea breeze told the story of Ali and Nino.

The whisper made my heart tremble

While Jvari sunset faded with Shorena.

The affection did not want to let me go

Until next time, Genatsvale to the

Georgia’s rose.

Heng told us: “Although my time in Georgia was rather short, I enjoyed my stay immensely. I like the hospitality, the smiles, food, wine, and the beautiful landscapes that the country offers. To me, Georgian people are good looking, open-minded, frank, and optimistic. The people I met are very good-natured and are eager to help. These characteristics quickly opened my heart and my mind to learn and love Georgian traditions, culture, foods, and stories of the country as well as of the individual Georgians I met.”

By The GT Team

27 December 2018 18:41