Publishes Tbilisi Restaurant Guide

Popular food website published an article on the best restaurants in Tbilisi in December.

Titled ‘The 18 Essential Restaurants in Tbilisi, Georgia’, the article features popular restaurants such as Keto and Kote, famed for its traditional food with a modern twist, as well as Sofia Melnikova's Fantastiuiri Duqani.

Author Natalie Shafrir recommends Vino Underground, Tbilisi’s first natural-wine bar, for a glass of wine. For those looking for a quiet cafe with excellent coffee, she suggests Memo Cafe in Vake.

Her full list of recommended restaurants is:

  1. Kakhelebi for excellent Khinkali

  2. Oniashvili Bakery for delicious khachapuri, lobiani and chukbureki.

  3. Amra for its Abkazian cuisine

  4. Retro for its khachapuri ajaruli

  5. Mapshalia for its Samegrelian dishes

  6. Fabrika for its diverse selection

  7. Memo cafe for its good coffee

  8. Stamba hotel for its cocktails

  9. Keto and Kote for its traditional food with a modern twist

  10. Sofia Melnikovas for its pelmeni

  11. Racha for its affordable classics

  12. Vino underground for its natural wines

  13. Salobie Bia for its lobio

  14. 41 Art of Drinks for its creative cocktails

  15. Cafe Littera for its international-style fine dining

  16. Poliphonia for its celebration of local tradition

  17. Samgori railway station market for its fresh produce

  18. Alubali for its Megrelian cuisine

The article is just one of many articles to come out in international press about visiting Georgia in recent months reflecting the increasing interest in Georgia as a tourist destination. You can read the full article here.


By Amy Jones

Photo source - Facebook

17 December 2018 18:47