Zurabishvili: My Aim Is to Make Georgia’s European Future Irreversible

The first female President of Georgia, Salome Zurabishvili, has vowed to develop the country and make its European future irreversible.

The statement was made by Zurabishvili during her inauguration ceremony in the 18th-century Batoni Palace in Telavi Municipality, Kakheti region, on December 16.

“I will do everything in my power to guarantee individual rights and freedoms. I will defend the rule of law. I will strive to strengthen civil society and further improve the country’s political culture,” the new president stressed.

She added that a modern, European country requires the balanced development of the regions and the capital. “Throughout our history, in fact, Georgia’s provinces were its pillar and underpinned its strength. We should merge this historical experience with the modern European example,” she noted.

Zurabishvili underlined Georgian society is united around the issue of its European future.

“By electing me, the Georgian people yet again voted for the European path,” she added.

The President stated that the EU Association Agreement and visa liberalization have opened up great opportunities for Georgians, and the country has solid support from its Western friends and partners.

“This process should be accelerated. The will of the Georgian people is expressed in the new Constitution: a forward path towards the European Union and NATO. Together with our strategic partners – the United States of America and European nations – I will take this process forward. I will make use of all my experience and contacts in international organizations and the European Union to achieve our common purpose,” she declared in front of around the 1800 guests who attended the inauguration ceremony.

By Thea Morrison


17 December 2018 12:20