Deutsche Welle about First Georgian Female President Inauguration

Deutsche Welle has dedicated an article to the inauguration ceremony of Georgia’s first female president, Salome Zurabishvili, adding she has committed to making the former Soviet state's path toward Europe "irreversible."

The article also reads that the inauguration marks the start of a new constitution which transforms her post into a largely ceremonial role.

“Zurabishvili said in her inaugural speech that she would use her experience in France's diplomatic service, and previous role as Georgia's foreign minister, to promote her nation's aspirations to join the European Union and the NATO transatlantic military alliance,” Deutsche Welle reports.

The media outlet also added the opposition parties had denounced Zurabishvili’s victory as fraudulent. Opposition supporters marched with sacks of onions and potatoes on Sunday to mock what they claim were government efforts to bribe voters by handing out free vegetables.

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By Thea Morrison


17 December 2018 11:44