Light Movement Transformed into a Symphony by the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro

What is the sound of light? It was a thrilling question that the Huawei representative asked his creative team and experts of Artificial Intelligence (AI), inspiring them to create an ambitious project that transformed the Northern Lights into a symphony through the study and observation of light movements and which was recently presented to the public in the music hall of Brahms, in Vienna, Austria.

The company's HUAWEI employees were tasked to capture the Northern Lights in Norway and work on it with the AI used in the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro in order to discover the main elements of light portrayed in the photo and then convert them into a melody. The main challenge of the creative team was to create an audio-visual product that would once again confirm the possibilities of higher AI through the language of the unknown North.

And so it began. In the open air, under the Tromso night sky in Norway, Keitel Scogli and award-winning composer Mark Seifrides sought to capture the Northern Lights. Seifrides worked with the AI of the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro to create a symphony from the collected material. When the composition was created, James Sherman, one of the best composers in the world, played it with an Orchestra at the Brahms Music Hall, in Vienna. He said, “My goal is to create, inspire and guide the symphony performance and with the help of artificial intelligence bring it to life. I want to create feelings like the Northern Lights are speaking through the music.”

Seifrides noted that the involvement of AI in music presented a new range of creative opportunities: “The artificial intelligence system can absorb the Northern Lights and analyse it according to color, size, shape and speed. Then it generates music variations based on what it sees. When AI perceives strong light, it can modulate the sound to reflect the intensity of the composition. After that, I can use the created elements in the symphony.”

The light voice was a one-month project that confirmed that AI can read photos and create new sounds. What kind of sound do the Northern Lights have? The answer to this question has already been provided by the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro through the most advanced AI.

More than 300 people, including media, attended the event presenting the symphony of light in Vienna, led by James Sherman.

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By Mariam Diasamidze

13 December 2018 20:15