New Year Offer from MAQRO Construction: Discounts & Free Parking

Location, green yard, spaces for all your needs, an experienced construction company and parking spaces are the main criteria for potential buyers of apartments.

Despite the strong competition on the construction market, MAQRO Construction is one of the most distinguished companies, fully meeting all the above criteria. The company has a special New Year offer to those interested in buying real estate: if you buy an apartment in the Green Diamond residential complex before January 15, you will get up to 23% discount and a parking space as a gift. The offer includes various-sized apartments in a complex, construction of which has already been completed. The apartments are new, fully renovated and equipped with kitchen furniture and appliances. The number of apartments is limited.

Green Diamond, a residential complex of European standard, consists of three stages and will cover a total of 70,000 square meters. All three stages of construction combined offer 1,800 apartments. The complex has three swimming pools, one of which started functioning after the completion of the first stage. The complex also has a sports ground, leisure areas and pathways, all located in a green environment, close to nature, far from the tense city rhythm, taking into view all elements of comfort.

MAQRO Construction completed the first stage of construction before the expiration of the contract term. The second phase is now underway and will be finished within the next few months.

The final phase of Green Diamond will start in 2019, will take 30 months and will be a continuation of the long-term strategy observed by the company in its projects for years.

“The best living and working standards for locals and guests - this is our main goal,” say MAQRO representatives. “Considering these factors, the company has elaborated a concept - Smart Living, which implies improved standards in every aspect of life. In accordance with this very concept, Green Diamond provides everything necessary for you to live far from the city's rapid rhythm, in an ecologically clean and green environment, and to enjoy every element of comfort. Sport grounds, paths and running tracks, leisure spots, children's playgrounds, swimming pools, commercial spaces – all this can be enjoyed by the residents of Green Diamond without leaving the complex. A satisfied customer - this is the credo of MAQRO Construction.”

MAQRO Construction is an integral company of MAQRO Group. In terms of foreign investments in Georgia, MAQRO Group is one of the five leading investors. The volume of direct investments in the Georgian economy exceeds $270 million. The main directions of MAQRO Group are construction and development, tourism (hotel business), furniture manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, catering and the restaurant sector.

Ongoing projects in the construction sector see the company among the top three companies in Tbilisi. Green Budapest and Green Diamond residential complexes, Mercure Tbilisi, Old Town and Ibis Styles Tbilisi Center hotels, Glorya Furniture and Bellissa, shop-salons of home accessories, household items and Madam Coco perfume, as well as the Dinehall restaurant, are the successful projects gradually implemented by the company in Georgia since 2013.

MAQRO Construction has already completed the construction of Green Budapest, one of the most outstanding residential complexes in Georgia and a customer-oriented complex according to its high-quality construction. The total investment cost of the project amounted to $48 million, while Green Diamond's total investment cost exceeds $120 million.

13 December 2018 20:12