Caritas Georgia – Homecare Services for All

Caritas Georgia is a charitable organization associated with the Catholic Church. They are part of a worldwide network of Caritas organizations that implement charitable missions in more than 160 countries. Caritas has been operating in Georgia since 1993, first as a volunteer effort, and then, by the end of 1994, as an official branch of the global network.

Caritas Georgia operates a variety of social programs in the fields of Children and Youth Protection and Development, Health Care, Social Care, Development of Communities and Individuals, and Emergency Response and Preparedness. Projects and programs focus on Georgia’s poorest and most vulnerable populations – the elderly, those living below the poverty line, the homeless, children without parental care, the sick and disabled, and the generally socially unprotected – all without regard to nationality or religion.

The organization promotes a vision of Georgian society where the dignity and basic rights of every person are protected, peace, justice, mercy and solidarity are dominant, and the public good prevail over individual interests. Caritas Georgia’s mission is “promoting human development and social justice, bringing relief to vulnerable and disadvantaged people and encouraging their self-responsibility and dignity.”

One of Caritas Georgia’s flagship programs is a homecare service for the elderly and bedridden. As a Caritas spokesperson told GEORGIA TODAY, with their limited resources they are able to serve only about 1% of the population who need such services. Based on 2014 census data, they estimate that upwards of 185,000 Georgians nationwide are in need of long-term care and treatment in their homes.

According to Gaioz Kubaneishvili, Caritas Georgia’s Healthcare Program Manager, currently only 5% of beneficiaries have access to homecare services provided by private charitable organizations, while the vast majority of people in need are beyond the reach of professional quality services. These people are cared for by family members or other informal caretakers, “characterized by,” says Kubaneishvili, “improper and poor-quality services.”

The Georgian government funds several different healthcare and social assistance programs, but homecare is not included in any state-funded program, says Caritas. The non-governmental organization (NGO) network in Georgia provides nearly all homecare services. The majority of programs are supported by donors and aimed at socially vulnerable populations. Caritas’ program is different, however, offering a paid homecare service. This model increases the program’s sustainability while also providing an affordable service for those in need who do not qualify for other NGO programs.

Caritas Georgia also offers a professional qualification enhancement program for medical personnel to train them on modern methodologies, focused on German medical standards and practices. This training ensures high quality services are available to a wide section of the population in need. Caritas Georgia nurses specialize in the treatment of chronicle injuries, kinesthetics, and rehabilitation. The organization also conducts a nursing education support program for students, aimed at supplementing and improving the nursing education in the country. The program trains 400 students per year in collaboration with vocational institutions.

By Samantha Guthrie

Image source: Caritas Georgia


13 December 2018 20:10