A New Wine Guidebook for Family Winery Owners

The Department of Tourism and Resorts of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara has launched a training program for the owners of family wineries. Within the scope of the project, the trainees take courses of wine tasting, combining wines with different dishes, presenting Georgian wines to international visitors and serving guests with wines at the dinner table.

One of the trainings in Keda was attended by the Chairman of the Government of Autonomous Republic of Adjara Tornike Rizhvadze and the Chairman of Adjara Department of Tourism and Resorts Sulkhan Glonti. The government officials delivered a speech and focused on the potential and importance of tourism development in Keda. They also had a small tour around one of the family wineries, where international tourists are hosted frequently.

Glonti noted that in comparison with last year, the number of tourists has increased by 207%. He also presented a new wine guide to the trainees which will help the winery owners to acquire knowledge about the winemaking process and technologies, 'History of Georgian Viniculture and the Art of Winetasting.

The training was also attended by the Georgian sommelier Keti Jurkhadze.



By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Source. Image source: ipn

12 December 2018 15:28