Georgians Work to Clear Mines in the West Bank

An article by the British newspaper the Guardian has covered the work of Georgian’s working in Qasr al-Yahud in the West Bank to clear thousands of landmines in the area. 

16 de-miners, headed by Georgian Lasha Bluashvili, are clearing the mines to enable the churches, that have been abandoned since 1967’s six-day war, to re-open.

It is a dangerous job. “We never forget the dangers. But everyone here knows their job. We are all very well trained,” says Bluashvili, speaking to Guardian reporter Rachel Cooke.

The historic churches include one Franciscan chapel belonging to the Roman Catholic church, and 6 Orthodox churches: Coptic, Ethiopian, Greek, Romanian, Russian and Syriac.

The de-mining project is headed up by Halo Trust, an NGO who is also present in Georgia and its occupied territories. Bluashvili was originally trained to clear mines in Georgia following the 2008 conflict with Russia. 

by Amy Jones

Image source: the Guardian

11 December 2018 19:03