PM Does Not Rule Out Changes in Cabinet

Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze told media that a number of changes may take place within the government, though he did not specify as regards the ruling team.

“We will definitely modernize the management system to ensure that the speed of achieving results for our citizens is significantly increased. It is natural that those who cannot keep up with this pace will not be on our team,” he stated.

Bakhtadze noted that the ruling team received and considered clear messages from citizens in the first and second rounds of the presidential elections and specific results will be clear in all directions over the next two years.

“Georgia's budget will be around GEL 27 million in 2019-2020. Naturally, no one should have the illusion that we will be able to eliminate all the problems faced by the country, but this is a resource that will make it possible to achieve specific results in all directions - social policy, more rapid development of economy, more rapid construction of infrastructure. This figure requires very effective use and management,” he noted.

By Thea Morrison


11 December 2018 00:30