Economy Minister: Gov't Does Not Regulate Bread Price

Georgia’s Minister of Economy, Giorgi Kobulia stated the government does not regulate the bread price, adding the changes in price are not dictated by the State.

Kobulia made the statement while commenting on the increased bread price which went up by around 0.10 GEL on December 10.

"We do not indicate or regulate bread price to businesses. The State and the government do not decide what it will cost. There is no Soviet Union anymore,” he stated.

The Minister noted the issue will be studied, adding no unequal conditions have been observed on the market.

“We will study this issue and if there are any irregularities, we will take proper action,” he stated.

Minister of Environment Protection and Agriculture of Georgia Levan Davitashvili also made a comment on the issue. According to him, the increase in bread price was not caused by any governmental regulations.

“This year wheat is more expensive than in 2018 because there was a lower harvest in exporter countries…However, I do not know how adequate the prices in Georgia are,” he said.

Bakery owners and bread producing enterprises say the flour price has increased from 46 GEL to 50, which consequently affected the production prices.

“Last month, one ton of wheat was worth $210, now it costs $250. But further increase is not expected," said Levan Silagava, executive director of the Georgian Flour Producers Association.

By Thea Morrison

11 December 2018 00:03