The Observer’s Culinary Trip to Georgia

The Observer’s Killian Fox has shared his experience of a two-week stay in Georgia.

In an article named “Georgia on my plate: a culinary journey in the Caucasus”, Fox describes a tour from Kutaisi – capital of the medieval Kingdom of Georgia, to mountainous Kazbegi, including a visit to the capital city Tbilisi and Signagi in the region of Kakheti.

The main focus of the journalists’ trip is the exploration of the Georgian cuisine and its meaning to the Georgian nation.

Fox shares his emotions about traditional Georgian dishes, such as khinkali - the soupy minced-meat dumplings, lobio - the nurturing bean stew served in clay pots and khachapuri – Georgian cheese-breads, and the process of their preparation.

“Georgians love cooking and they love eating – food is of paramount importance in this beautiful, cultured country on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia,” concludes Killian Fox.

He goes on to describe the significance of viniculture in Georgia and along with the brief history of traditional wine-making methods in the country, narrates his experience of wine degustation with a Georgian family.

“It’s a crazy Georgian situation, full of pressure, passion and uncertainty till the very last moment, but it comes together beautifully in the end” – states Fox.


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Georgia on my plate: a culinary journey in the Caucasus

By Ketevan Kvaratskheliya

Image source: The Guardian

10 December 2018 12:55