Tbilisi City Council Adopts New Regulations Regarding Taxis

Tbilisi City Council adopted new regulations about taxis in the capital on Friday.

The regulations will take effect from October 2019 and read that there will be two kinds of licenses for taxis: A and B categories.

Chairman of the faction Georgian Dream Beka Davituliani said the majority of the Council members supported the regulations.

He explained that A category license means the taxi should be white, left-hand drive and five-door (including luggage compartment). Such taxis will benefit from free parking places. Taxi drivers who run a taxi service with electric vehicles will be completely free of any kind of taxes.

Category B licenses will have no specific requirements but can only work for pre-booked customers.

From the initiative of Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, from October 1, 2018, it is not allowed to work as a taxi driver without a special permit. Moreover, three-door vehicles, as well as right-hand-drive vehicles, will not be allowed to provide a taxi service at all.

By Thea Morrison

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07 December 2018 19:02