Georgian Troops Train with US Army Unit

A US army unit joined with Georgian troops in Norio and Vaziani training areas in Georgia for the first time.

Taking part in combined live fire events, the forces learned together as part of the Georgia Defense Readiness program (GDRP). It aims to advance security cooperation between the two nations.

U.S Army major David Farrar stated, “the Georgians have worked really hard to develop the CTC to train the defense readiness of Georgian infantry battalions.”

The GDRP has three phases: home station training where units conduct squad and platoon evaluations, 13 weeks of CTC training focused on company-level evaluations at Vaziani and Norio Training Areas, and post CTC training to sustain the lessons learned.

The event was the first of its kind in the region. “We will now be comparable with NATO standards. We are thinking of offering this training to our partner countries in the region; even some NATO countries, and there is some interest already.” said Georgian army colonel Roman Janjulia.

More battalions will be trained in the upcoming months with the assistance of US infantry units.

by Amy Jones 
Photo source: DVIDS
07 December 2018 18:34