Aghmashenebeli Ave Gets New Maple Trees

Damaged catalpa trees along Aghmashenebeli Avenue near the New Tiflis area are being replaced by new six-meter maple trees. Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi Maia Bitadze attended the process of planting the trees.

She explained that catalpas, which were planted on Aghmashenebeli Avenue in 2011, are not appropriate for the urban climate, which result in their damage.

"Today we are replacing catalpas with maples. It is neccessary to remedy the fact that this plant was incorrectly selected for the urban environment. Because of this, 180 trees were damaged - they could not grow and they suffered. Maples were selected from a list prepared cooperatively by the municipality and botanical experts at the beginning of the year. Az many as 200 six-meter trees will be planted on Aghmashenebeli Avenue and I think they will decorate this area well. It is also well known that this plant is adequate for the climate of Tbilisi and the existing [urban] environment. I'm sure it will be very satisfying for all those people who have been worried about the mistakes on this street for many years," said the deputy mayor.

Bitadze added that the damaged trees will be sent to a nursery farm owned by the municipality, where they will be disposed of in the appropriate manner.

City Hall announced this replacement several months ago. The decision was based on demands from the local population. Tbilisi City Hall's Environmental Protection Service is currently carrying out large-scale planting works in the capital. By the end of the year, 12,000 new plants will be planted in Tbilisi.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Tbilisi City Hall

06 December 2018 15:19