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Apollo 11 comprises a team of 20 ambitious young Georgian “astronauts” with a mission to export Georgian intellectual resources globally. Founder Zura Sekhniashvili has capitalized on his personal expertise and one year ago established a computer programming service provider which now produces Cloud-based apps for US, UK, German, France, Spain and Estonian markets in the fields of finance, pharmaceuticals and charity.


Ruska Kbilashvili, PR and CSR Manager at Wissol Group, has started her own cosmetic brand Sapovnela, producing soaps, face, eye and body care oils and gels completely free from chemical ingredients and made using goat’s milk, bio oils, butters, cosmetic clay and other healthy natural products. Sapovnela is a new brand and yet it has already received export offers.


Meet Jonathan and Laura Nelms, founders/co-owners of a Georgian restaurant in Washington DC. The successful ‘Supra’ was America’s most-anticipated new restaurant according to Eater.com. The couple spent their 5th wedding anniversary in Georgia and visited Tbilisi and Kazbegi. After making a firm decision to open a Georgian restaurant state-side, they decided to open Supra with executive Georgian Chef Malkhaz Maisashvili, who they met during their visit to Georgia.

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03 December 2018 17:47