Nexia TA: The Only Georgian Auditor to Win at IAB

The N1 accounting publication International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) annually displays the world’s best networks and companies. Nominations differ through the directions and the winners are selected by considering their strongest attributes. The event was traditionally held in London in October.

In 2018, Nexia International nominated Nexia TA for the prestigious IAB competition for ‘Accounting, Capacity Building Champion,’ highlighting its special contribution to accounting development. Representatives of the world’s top countries were also participating in the award ceremony, but this was the first time the Georgian audit company had been presented. And it won!

“We are very happy to win the competition because this is the first time a Georgian company has won such a prestigious award,” said Gela Mghebrishvili, Managing Partner at Nexia TA. “However, we weren’t ever so surprised because accounting is a very important and strong feature in Nexia TA, for the development of which we work continuously in-house and across the country.”

“Our victory in the international arena is very important for Georgia's representation, and this type of world level recognition is further confirmation that Nexia TA offers clients the best services,” said Davit Lomidze, Managing Partner at Nexia TA. “Such a reward is a stimulus for us to contribute more to the development of accounting and auditing in Georgia and to help our clients make their businesses even more successful, both locally and internationally.”

“We would like to thank the Nexia TA team for their unsparing work and our clients for their trust and loyalty,” said Boris Megrelishvilil, Managing Partner of Nexia TA. “We also want to highlight the head office of the Nexia network, the support of which is very important for us. We are delighted that Nexia International has become the only network in the world to have won with two offices (Georgia and Tanzania), winning two nominations at the IAB awards 2018. This highlights the strength of the Nexia network in the international arena.”

“This award is international recognition of Nexia TA’s success, achieved in a short period, and is confirmation that the company is growing and developing in the right direction,” noted Nexia TA Managing Partners.

By Mariam Merabishvili

03 December 2018 17:43