De Facto S. Ossetian Minister Compares Zurabishvili to Alice in Wonderland

Dmitry Medoev, so called Foreign Minister of Georgia’s breakaway region of South Ossetia has commented on the presidential election results in Georgia. According to him, the president-elect Salome Zurabishvili will have to live in "a wonderland" like Alice.

“She will have to condemn occupants on the one hand and sell goods and services to them on the other hand,” de facto foreign minister said.

Medoev commented on Salome Zurabishvili's interview, where she said it was no time for cooperation with Russia. According to him, he expected such a statement from the new president of Georgia.

“From the first minutes of the election, a loud message was sent to western partners and Russia. This message is useful for internal use as well," he added.

The de facto minister noted “it is unclear how one can call Russians occupants and at the same time, serve and dance for them at the restaurants.”

He compared the current developments to the “collaboration in Paris in the 40s.”

President-elect Zurabishvili said in an interview with the BBC Russian service that it is impossible to stay alone with Russia in the current configuration considering the aggressive attitude of that country.

“In the future we should have a dialogue, but we should not do it alone…We should be supported by our partners. We need to develop our position and agree it with our European partners. If our partners begin a dialogue with Russia, we should make sure that Georgia is not left aside and that our principles – sovereignty and territorial integrity are part of these negotiations and are protected," she added.

By Thea Morrison                      


30 November 2018 19:11