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After a successful career in sports and the public sector, Giorgi Gachechiladze decided to start his own business. The Free Trade Agreement with the EU motivated him to start a sock production factory: Tiflistex. With the support of Enterprise Georgia, he was able to construct the factory in just four months and today, the colorful socks made by Tiflistex are ready to be exported to Greece and Azerbaijan, while Austria and another EU member countries will also soon have the Georgian socks on their shelves. The founder has plans build more factories in future.


Aleksandre Meskhi fell in love with miniature trees some 40 years ago during his childhood and is an active follower of Japanese culture Bonsai, a special technique for growing miniature trees. He studied several authors and experimented over 12 years and finally began growing his own miniature compositions. He now runs his website www.bonsai.ge, on which he shares his rich experience and expertise in Bonsai culture and sells valuable Bonsais, an ideal gift for green lovers.



After four years on the Georgian market, fashion brand Gepherrini, which specializes in high quality leather products, has expanded production to include leather shoes and accessories. After leaving a 9-5 job, the founder Ilia Gepheridze spent almost a year with his wife Sophia Khositashvili to get the perfect prototype handbag. Today, the brand, headquartered in New York City, owns 32 shops, four in Georgia and 28 abroad. Gepherrini will soon be targeting the Chinese market with its leather goods.

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26 November 2018 20:32