13 New Recycling Corners Open in Tbilisi

On November 21, 13 new waste separation corners were opened in Tbilisi. Separation corners are located in different parts of Tbilisi: next to the buildings of four district halls, universities, public schools, metro stations, and more. The opening ceremony was held at the Vake District Hall.

The waste separation corners have been supported by USAID’s Waste Management Technology in Regions, Phase II (WMTR II) program implemented by CENN and Tbilisi City Hall. With USAID/WMTR II support, 10 recycling corners were opened in the previous year in different parts of Tbilisi.

Therefore, Tbilisi already has 23 waste separation corners located in public places, where citizens can bring their separated waste - PET plastic bottles, paper, glass and aluminum cans to be recycled. Supta Samkaro Ltd., a private waste aggregating company, collects the separated waste, pre-treats and delivers the paper and glass waste to local recycling companies, while the plastic and aluminum waste is exported to various countries including Turkey and Ukraine.

The USAID/WMTR II program assists the Government of Georgia to modernize the country’s waste management sector and support sustainable development and inclusive economic growth, ensuring responsible management of natural endowments that minimize adverse impacts from waste on human health and natural resources.

USAID/WMTR II assistance includes support in developing a waste recycling system in the country by improving the operations of private recycling companies, creating waste separation opportunities for citizens, establishing strong partnerships between the public and private sectors and reaching out to a broader audience to recycle.

22 November 2018 17:20