Katyn, It Has Been an Unusual Morning Exhibition

The Georgian National Museum has opened an exhibition dedicated to the Katyn Massacre in collaboration with the Katyn Museum, the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw, and the Polish Institute in Tbilisi. The exhibition is being held in the Simon Janashia Museum, 6 - 30 November

Dedicated to the fate of the victims of Soviet occupation in Katyn, the harrowing exhibition covers the events of the massacres. 18 September 1939 to spring 1940, around 22,000 Polish prisoners of war and prisoners were murdered by the NKVD, leaving a somber mark on the pages of polish history. The mass executions marked only the beginning of the difficult fate the Polish people would suffer during Soviet occupation.

The exhibition shows the essence of Katyn through a choice of two paths: educational and emotional. The series of historical events as well as personal stories from those affected share the narrative and allow visitors to fully understand the massacre and its significance. Especially harrowing are the interviews with some of the victims’ children, as well as video material and exhibits of personal belongings founding during the excavation of the mass graves.

Duration: November 6-30, 2018
Address: Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia, Soviet Occupation Hall. 3, Sh. Rustaveli Ave. Tbilisi, Georgia


by Amy Jones

Photo source: Be Travel

22 November 2018 14:14