Upltistsikhe Cave Town to be Preserved

The Upltistsikhe Cave Town-Fortress will be preserved thanks to funding from the US Ambassador's Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

Located 15km eastwards from Gori on the left bank of the river Mtkvari, the Upltistsikhe Cave Town dates back to the I-II millennium B.C. Once an important religious, political, and cultural center, it was ravaged by Mongols in the 13th century.

The preservation project has received approximately $200,000 in funding to monitor the site and conserve the ancient stone town. Much of the site has suffered from erosion, earthquakes, and other natural disasters, and many rocks are collapsing.

Since 2001, the AFCP has contributed more than one million dollars to preserve and protect Georgia’s heritage areas. Important sites such as Armaztsikhe and Gelati monastery have already benefited from its support.


By Amy Jones

Photo source: Ancient Origins

22 November 2018 14:13