Georgia Appears Twice on List of Most Fascinating Books on Exotic Travel

The website has published a list of the "Top 5 fascinating books on exotic travel."

The list includes David Leibowitz writing about Paris, Ozren Kebo on Sarajevo, Max Kidruk on South America, and two books on Georgia.

Georgian author Giorgi Kekelidze's 2015 detective novel Gurian Diaries was a bestseller in Georgia, described as "prose intertwined with the history of an entire people."

Ukrainian author Aleksei Bobrovnikov's The Edges of Georgia, also published in 2015, is described as a "collection [of] Georgian sketches," a guidebook on ethnography and ancient traditions, written after Bobrovnikov traveled through Georgia by bicycle. 


By Samantha Guthrie


20 November 2018 11:09