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Green Sheep

Two brothers from Stephantsminda village in Kazbegi have completed construction of a new hotel and restaurant ‘Green Sheep’ with the support of the European Union entrepreneurship support program, meaning that their house and land is now open for tourists and travelers who head to Kazbegi to enjoy the fascinating landscape and enjoy the Georgian hospitality. Green Sheep is a mid-class hotel with 18 rooms, a restaurant, a nice yard and a kids’ zone. According to the Kazalikashvili brothers, it’s just the beginning and soon they’ll be expanding the tourist infrastructure works on the enterprise.

Jhujhuna Wine

Jhujhuna Wine is an extraordinary drink, quite different from traditional Georgian red and white wines. Founders of company Svi, which in English means “drink,” decided to create a semi-sparkling wine like Italian Prosecco using Georgian wine varieties such as Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane, sometimes with the addition of fresh fruits for extra flavor and taste. JhuJhuna is currently available only in selected bars in Tbilisi and Batumi but the founders plan to expand to the retail market with a unique creative packaging.

Sagarejo in Kakheti

Meet Nodar Latibashvili, young Georgian bio farmer with no formal education in agriculture but with a strong desire to serve his homeland as a farmer. After intensive travel around the globe, he returned to Georgia, left his job and moved to Sagarejo in Kakheti where he started his own farm focusing on wine and bread - everything organic, endemic and free from pesticides. Nodar has so far devoted three years to his passion, which has already transformed into a serious agriculture business.

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19 November 2018 16:03