Boosting Local Production of Int’l Clothing Brands in Ozurgeti

With the support of Enterprise Georgia, a new garment factory opened up in Ozurgeti.

The factory will boast the production of ZARA, MANGO and BERSHKA merchandise. According to Imedinews, 104 people are currently employed, of which majority are locals. The factory is expected to offer further job opportunities to 500 people.

The launch of the new factory will certainly bring benefits to the region as well as the country as a whole. On the regional level, it will offer employment to those that are currently out of the labor market as well as attract a pool of talent from other regions. The specifications of logistics are not yet known, however, we can expect that, on a larger scale, it will enhance local production of international brands and help avoid the cost of import of apparel from other countries.

By Anna Zhvania

Source: Imedinews

14 November 2018 13:44