Georgian Government Begins Gifting Newlyweds National Poem

Georgia has begun giving all newlyweds in the country a free copy of the national poem The Knight in the Panther’s Skin.

Written in the 12th century by Georgia’s national poet Shota Rustaveli, the poem was given as part of a dowry for any bride up until early 20th century. The initiative is being implemented by the Ministry of Justice, who describes the gift as a “dowry”.

“Couples will get their copy of Knight in the Panther’s skin along with their wedding certificate and it will serve as a symbol of eternal love, faithfulness and equality.” stated the ministry.

The poem, an epic romance, tells the tale of the friendship of two heroes and their quest to find the object of love. The poem is very well known in Georgia. It is not uncommon to hear verses quoted in casual conversations.

Some people took to social media to express their amusement about the new initiative. “Ah, I was just waiting for this, now I’m good to go,” one woman wrote on the Ministry’s Facebook page, whilst another questioned, “What do we get for divorce?”.

by Amy Jones 
Photo source: My Geo Trip
12 November 2018 21:55