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Grow Box

Dachi Dzebisashvili and George Jincharadze wanted to grow plants easily at home in winter. As there was a lack of the right equipment on the local market, they decided to create a startup which would solve the problem. After hard work and overcoming various technical challenges, they had ‘Grow Box’. The startup has since appeared on the pages of Russian Inc. and nowadays, GrowGrow covers products like lamps, fertilizers, flowerpots, etc. Grow boxes and inventory are created based on individual orders.


Oto Kavtaradze and Rezo Kakabadze (23) have three startups. Lookup.ge, established three years ago offers GPS monitoring systems. New products, Easy Trade and Gmoji, are ready to launch. Easy Trade is a mobile app and web platform that helps suppliers and clients stay in touch 24/7, send/receive orders or make contracts electronically. Gmoji is a mobile app that enables customers to send gifts represented by emojis. The recipients can collect their gifts from Gmoji partner stores. The costs of the product/service are covered by the emoji sender, making it easier than ever to send a gift!

Pepper Confiture

Students of the Tbilisi Culinary Academy, Tamar Kiknadze, Tina Vashakidze and Ia Dzagania, came up with the idea to create pepper and onion confiture. Amochame uses local and accessible ingredients to create jams that balance tastes, meaning you can eat it with almost everything, both sweet and savory dishes. The product is available only at specific shops, but the start-uppers are planning to expand sales via large chain stores and later to send it for export too.

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12 November 2018 16:58