City Hall to Replace Hippodrome's Destroyed Tennis Courts

Tbilisi City Hall plans to organize a new sports complex to replace the destroyed tennis courts on the area of the former Hippodrome.

The decision was made by Tbilisi Mayor Kakha Kaladze, who personally visited the site yesterday afternoon.

The tennis courts are located at the former hippodrome, between Saburtalo and Bakhtrioni streets. The cluster of six courts is tucked next to massive concrete housing blocks. Several years ago, the courts were in active use, but in 2009 the land was bought by a foreign company, and the courts fell into disrepair. 

Kaladze explained the process of purchasing the land for the city, saying, 

"Negotiations with the foreign owner lasted for about ten months. The area where tennis courts existed in 2009. The foreign investor, in addition to that plot, also had a plot of land where the road passes today, and that territory was seized without any remuneration. The city's development interests are a priority, but when it comes to private ownership, for me and my teammates, it is categorically unacceptable. Several months negotiations on replacement of the company were completed, and the territory where the sports infrastructure is located will be returned to the city," said Kaladze.

The project will begin in 2019. Planning work is now underway.

"Sports infrastructure - tennis courts, mini soccer squares and, if possible, a swimming pool will be created on the territory, which will benefit not only the locals but also the residents of different districts of the capital. Today, what we need most in the city are green spaces, squares, parks and sports infrastructure," stated the Mayor.

Accompanying Kaladze to the site were Deputy Mayor Irakli Bendeliani, Saburtalo district governor Gaioz Vasadze, majoritarian deputy of the Tbilisi Sakrebulo Vakhtang Shakarishvili and local residents.

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Tbilisi City Hall

09 November 2018 11:24