Increase in HIV/AIDs Cases Diagnosed in Georgia

Latest medical data reveals that the number of people infected with HIV in Georgia is slightly increasing.

The Centre for Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology reported 570 new cases of HIV/AIDs in Georgia from the beginning of the year to November 6. 540 new cases were diagnosed over the same period in 2017, therefore revealing a slight upward trend in infections.

7,332 people infected with HIV or AIDs are registered at the Centre for Infectious Diseases, AIDS and Clinical Immunology in Georgia. Of those, 5,486 are males and 1,846 are females. The majority of cases are in Tbilisi, where 2,676 suffer from the virus.

The majority of sufferers are aged 29 to 39 years old. The center published data showing that 46.2 percent of people were infected as a result of heterosexual contact, whilst 40.2 percent of those infected are drug addicts.

Last year, the AIDS Association started a campaign with the motto: "Let's examine everybody, treat everyone and defeat the AIDS epidemic in Georgia” with the goal of curbing the upward trend of infections.

By Amy Jones

Photo: Women’s Health

08 November 2018 14:35