Sir Alan Duncan: Georgia Is a Role-Model in Region

Sir Alan Duncan, UK's Minister for Europe, is on a visit to Georgia to open the fifth Strategic Georgia-UK Dialogue on November 8.

"This year, the Wardrop Strategic Dialogue takes place against a backdrop of two important milestones for Georgia, the 100th anniversary of Georgia’s independence and the 10th anniversary of the Georgia - Russia conflict," the statement of the British Embassy reads.

The dialogue will allow Georgia and the UK to continue talks about strengthening economic ties, cooperation in defense issues and overall values.

The Embassy also released Sir Alan Duncan’s comment on his visit.

“This year’s Wardrop Strategic Dialogue will demonstrate very clearly that UK-Georgia relations are going from strength to strength, and I look forward to discussing the many areas of shared interest and co-operation with Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze and Foreign Minister David Zalkaliani,” the minister stated.

He also noted that in the 10 years since the war between Georgia and Russia, the UK has continued to stand with Georgia in support of its territorial integrity, sovereignty and security. 

“Georgia plays a pivotal role in the wider security of the region against ongoing Russian aggression… Georgia is a role-model in the region for reform, democracy and human rights. We applaud Georgia’s ambitious reform agenda. However, there is more to do to help Georgia deliver on the necessary reforms and reach its economic potential – that’s why the UK uses £4m of its Good Governance Fund to support reform projects in Georgia," Sir Alan Duncan’s comment reads.

By Thea Morrison

07 November 2018 21:15