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Ecobox is a new startup offering customers a monthly subscription for different categories such as beauty, perfume, coffee, sweets, beard grooming, alcohol, etc. Customers can choose their category on www.ecobox.ge,  give their personal preferences and then expect to receive a “box” with tailored products on a monthly basis. According to the founders, the main advantage of Eco Box is to save subscribers money and to surprise them with unexpected products upon opening the box every month.  


Mindori (English: meadow) is the name of a Georgian startup founded by young entrepreneurs Marita Geneashvili and Leko Shatirishvili. Their mission is to provide ultimate comfort for chefs and cooks through accessible indoor greenhouses matched to interior décor where cooks can grow their own vegetables and greens. According to the founders, healthy food and green technologies are in our best interests and that’s why they’re ready to offer a market innovative product which is now a prototype but will soon become the real thing with the help of American mentors.


Grado is a producer of fruit spirit, the only Georgian brand selling this type of product on European and US markets. The company was founded two years ago and the founders managed to achieve a high standard of production which is the reason European doors are open to them. According to Giorgi Gobechia, Grado’s top manager, their product is distinct for its high quality and low price, another reason European consumers love it so much! 

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05 November 2018 17:55