Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Featured in Vogue Italia

Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 wrapped up last week and has already been covered internationally.  The fashion event was recently featured in Vogue Italia in a piece by Vogue Italia contributor Lorenzo Sabatini.  Designers from this season’s Tbilisi Fashion Week were selected for Vogue’s Talent selection.  

In his piece, Sabatini began by praising the relatively new institution of Tbilisi Fashion Week.  He noted the Tbilisi and Georgian fashion industry’s aim to reach and make a name for itself in new and global markets and not solely with neighboring countries.  And this season’s fashion week in particular made for some promising emerging talents for Vogue’s Talent selection as well as the Tbilisi fashion industry’s goals of broader recognition.  

The first talent selected was Korsava.  The 25 year old designer’s collection for Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 was titled “Post-Apocalypse.”  As the theme of Fashion Week was “We Must Take Care of Nature,” Korsava’s pieces reflected environmental concerns with looks “characterized by a minimalist approach in acid and cherry red tones, mesh tank tops and trench coats.”

Another designer featured in this season’s fashion week and highlighted by Vogue was English designer Rosella May.  Her work was geared more toward social issues, specifically mental health.  The clothing in her collection housed a “sporty appeal, her prints inspired by the Rorschach test ,usually employed by therapists and psychiatrists, are quite interesting, as well as the tops and mini-skirts crafted from denim leftovers.”

Lasha Devdariani was also chosen by Vogue’s Talent selection.  Devdariani sources his fabrics from West Asia and Georgia in an attempt to promote more humble and environmentally-friendly fashion production practices.  His bohemian-style caftans are among his most popular pieces and part of what helped him be chosen by Vogue.  

Finally, TSITE was also among the designers selected by Vogue’s Talent selection.  “Bringing attention to national tradition, in this case translated into contemporary apparel featuring comfy and loose-fitted proportions, is the main aim of the Tamara Tsiteladze, a brand that caught the eye courtesy of the skilled draping, inserts and asymmetrical dresses of the SS 19 collection, ‘Midnight Floating’.”

Tbilisi Fashion Week only just began in 2009 but is already gaining the international attention it desired and deserves.  Not only is Tbilisi Fashion Week and the Georgian Fashion industry becoming a household name in the fashion world, but with environmentally and socially-conscious designers put on the spotlight at Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019, the institution is also shining a light on significant problems in our society.


By Shirin Mahdavi 

02 November 2018 17:38