Azerbaijan to Ban Single-use Plastic

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources in Azerbaijan is preparing an action plan to ban single-use plastic from the country.

Azerbaijan's decision follows the approval of a single-use plastics ban by the European Parliament on October 24, as well as Georgia who banned plastic bags earlier in the month.

“According to the decision, the use of plastic should be banned by 2021. We are already working towards this in our country. The Ministry is preparing a comprehensive action plan.” said Umayra Tagiyeva, the head of the department ecological awareness and public relations of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

A survey will be public opinion survey will be conducted to see how the law sits with Azerbaijanis. Measures will be implemented gradually.

The ban of single-use plastics is just a small step to improve environmental issues in the country. Construction waste and pollution caused by quarries still pose a problem.

By Amy Jones 

Image source: Plastic pollution coallition

30 October 2018 13:26