PM: 90% of Vehicles to Be Replaced by Electric Cars

The Georgian Prime Minister says that in the next 10 years, 90% of vehicles in the country will be replaced by electric cars.

The PM made the statement at the presentation of the Green Policy – Eco-Friendly Transport on October 22.

Bakhtadze claims Georgia will be the first country to replace the vehicle fleet with electric cars in such a short period of time.

“This is a very ambitious plan, but this plan will bring a great benefit to Georgia,” the PM said.

He added that the green economy is a milestone of the reforms and that a plant for the production of electric vehicles is planned to be launched in Georgia. 

"We will provide encouragement for launching new leasing schemes in Georgia, according to which a consumer will buy an electric car and pay it off within 5 years with the savings made on the fuel costs. Naturally, it creates very important advantages. This means that we will have quite a large market in Georgia. We are already negotiating with two largest brands to build an electric car plant here," Bakhtadze said.  

In addition, Bakhtadze announced that a new subway station will be built from Samgori district to Lilo in Tbilisi.

“Today, we are announcing a very important project. We will use the infrastructure of the bypass railway to build a new metro station from Samgori to Lilo. At the same time, Tbilisi agglomeration is being developed and this new line will help us to extend to the direction of Rustavi town. This is a historic project,” he said. 

By Thea Morrison

Photo: 1TV

22 October 2018 12:14