Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 Opens

After much anticipation, Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 has finally begun.  Yesterday, October 18th was the opening day of the week at the Funicular restaurant on Mtatsminda.  The evenings ceremonies were dedicated to the Georgian actress and fashion icon Bela Mirianashvili the models participating last night acted out scenes from one of her films Last Day, First Day.  Georgian actresses Irinka Kavsadze and Gogola Kalandadze opened the event last night.  The actresses provided an indroduction for Bela Mirianashvili and otherwise commenced the night’s festivities.  

Tbilisi Fashion Week will run until October the 21st.  The week's programs will mostly be held at Ghvinis Ubani (Vera District).  And per usual, a winner of the competition will be determined at the end of the events.  

The slogan of the Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 is “We Must Take Care of Nature.”  Organizers of Tbilisi Fashion Week are only permitting designers who create clothing from natural textiles and materials in an attempt to spread the importance of environmental preservation through fashion.  

The week’s featured brands and designers are both Georgian and foreign.  Lasha Jokhadze is the Georgian designer present, and Georgian brands include MakMari, Lasha Devdariani, Keti Chkhikvadze, and more.  The foreign designers that will exhibit pieces are Miro (Russia), Sayya (Ukraine), and Rosella May (UK).  The blend of Georgian and foreign designers is essential as Tbilisi Fashion Week is covered internationally and seen in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, W Magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, and others.  

With the theme of eco-friendly fashion and a wide array of designers from around the globe, the Tbilisi Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 is another stepping stone in the growth of Georgia’s fashion industry and of Georgia’s presence in the international market.  

By Shirin Mahdavi

19 October 2018 17:56