Min of Health to Address Nurse Shortage

The Georgian Ministry of Health presented a new concept for the development of human resources in the medical field.  According to the ministry, despite the implementation of a number of systemic reforms in this area, there are still important challenges - an excess of doctors and a shortage of nurses.

The main goal of the Ministry of Health by 2025 is to provide qualified personnel in the right quantity, harmonization of medical education with EU standards and the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). This is important for the qualification of Georgian doctors to be recognized internationally, the ministry noted.

The plans of the Ministry of Health in the next seven years also include the use of a system of continuous medical education, the formation of a sustainable system of professional regulation and training of nurses.

To achieve these goals, the Ministry of Health will carry out important reforms. In particular, the country will prepare a multi-year plan for the development of human resources. The format of state certification and qualification examinations will be improved. In addition, the state certificate of doctors will no longer be indefinite.

The Ministry of Health of Georgia also intends to prepare legislative changes to form a system of professional regulation of the human resource of nurses. With the help of these legislative changes, anursing regulatory authority will be created, appropriate educational programs will be prepared, and registration will be issued and licensed to nurses. Registration and licensing of nurses will begin in 2020-2025.

The country will do its utmost to promote the implementation of master's programs for nurses. This will increase financial access to these programs.

By Shawn Wayne

19 October 2018 13:33