WHO Specialists Invite Specialists to See Lugar Lab

The Georgian Ministry of Health is to ask the World Health Organization to form a group of specialists, including from Russia, to come to Tbilisi and study the activities of the Richard Lugar Public Health Research Center in detail.

“In the coming days, we will ask the World Health Organization to send an official mission, to which, if desired, Russian specialists will be able to connect, who will go to the site, and thoroughly study and prepare an official conclusion on what activities are being conducted there,” said Davit Sergeenko, Georgia’s Minister of Health, Labor and Social Affairs.

Almost a month after the start of the hype around the "Lugar laboratory", Georgia decided to open the doors of this scientific institution to journalists, including Russian - Sputnik, the Russian First Channel and the reporter RIA Novosti. Media representatives inspected the object on October 5, but not everyone was allowed to take pictures.

The head of the center, Paata Imnadze, explained that taking pictures and filming in a room where microorganisms, viruses and strains are stored is prohibited for security purposes. Only four people have access to this particular room so leakage of biomaterials, he said, is impossible.

By Shawn Wayne

19 October 2018 13:06