Gasoline Inspections

In November, 80 petrol stations from different companies will be checked in Georgia on the quality of gasoline being sold. Inspections will be carried out without prior warning, and up to 240 samples will be taken as part of revisions for research. 

If it is established that a company is selling fuel that does not comply with the established standards, it will be fined 8000 GEL (just over $3200). For the import of non-conforming fuel, a fine of 10 000 GEL (just over $4000) will be given.

The Environmental Protection Supervision Department stated that they will ensure the research is carried out with the help of a laboratory that holds an international certificate. From January 1, 2019, the rate of sulfur in diesel fuel should not exceed 50 milligrams. However, in the future it is planned to tighten these norms, to which the government has already prepared a corresponding bill.

Experts say one of the causes of air pollution in Tbilisi, is the low quality of fuel for cars. Therefore, the Government of Georgia has repeatedly stated its intention to bring the quality of automotive fuel in the country to euro standards. Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze also said that by the end of this year, Georgia would reach the Euro-4 standard, and then later the Euro-5 standard; which means that the sulfur content in the fuel will be ten times less than it is now.

By Shawn Wayne

17 October 2018 08:37