Autumn Plantings Kick Off on Borjomi Plateau

A total of 1850 Caucasian pine trees were planted in Borjomi across the plateau territory, within the framework of the project #BorjomiFanOfNature, aimed at restoring and renewing the Borjomi forest.

The Borjomi mineral water brand has been involved in the project for four years already and has planted 7500 trees on three hectares within the framework of the brand’s Corporate Social Responsibility campaign #BorjomiFanOfNature. Borjomi aims to restore the forest covering in Borjomi and actively engage civilians in the process of that restoration.

The representatives of the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, National Forestry Agency, 112, Emergency Management and Protected Areas Services, as well as media representatives and the employees of IDS Borjomi Georgia were involved in the autumn plantings.

"The participation of the private sector and local population in the process of restoration and maintenance of the forest is very important. Our employees also planted seedlings,” said Nika Gelashvili, Director of 112. “Our thanks go out to IDS Borjomi for this initiative.”

On the same day, the award ceremony ‘Hero of Borjomi’ was held to thank those who worked at the epicenter of the 2017 summer wildfire in Borjomi Gorge to localize the blaze.

"Restoring and most importantly, maintaining the forest is a responsibility each of us should carry,” said Nitsa Cholokashvili, IDS Borjomi Public Relations Manager. “Our project, which has existed for many years already, is aimed at planting new seedlings and taking care of them for five years. Talking about the issue is just as important to get more people involved and to encourage them to be fans of nature. Today, one year after the Borjomi wildfire, we express our gratitude to those who understand the importance of nature and who fought to save the forest during the wildfire.”

By Ana Dumbadze

15 October 2018 16:58