Georgian Woman Found Dead in Greece

This past week Sopo Shanshiashvili, a twenty-five year old Georgian woman living in Greece, was found dead in her home.  The woman was survived by her two month old child who was found at her home at the scene of the death.  Word on Shanshiashvili’s death was posted on Facebook by the head of the non-governmental organization “Hope of Emigrants,” Shoto Sikharulidze.  

Emigrants of the organization “Hope of Emigrants” have stated that more and more Georgian emigrants are dying in Greece.  This is perhaps becoming an issue in the country.  The exact cause of Shanshiashvili’s death at this moment is unclear, but the woman’s friend, Ketevan Dzigua,  claims that she was tortured to death.  Her body was covered in bruises and cigarette burns.  Her friend had attempted calling her on the day of her death but received no answer.  Worried by her lack of response, Ketevan went to her home.  When no one came to the door, Ketevan along with others broke down the door and found her dead.  

The Embassy of Georgia is Greece is responsible for transporting the body to Georgia.  Though the state of Shanshiashvili’s body points to death by torture, the exact cause remains unknown. 


By Shirin Mahdavi

15 October 2018 11:40