Girchi to Shake Up Election Campaign with Cannabis Festival

Opposition political party Girchi has announced plans to hold a Cannibis Festival in Deda Ena Park on October 20.

The party has always supported the legalization of marijuana, and now aims to capitalize on the wave of enthusiasm, especially among young people, for the recent court decision that legalized the consumption of marijuana in Georgia. 

Although consumption in certain public places or near children, such as a park, is still banned, and the sale and cultivation of marijuana is illegal, Girchi plans to rile up the public with a publicity stunt right before the October 28 elections, where party leader Zurab Japaridze is running for president.

Iago Khvichia, part of the Girchi leadership, said that festivalgoers, including foreign tourists, will be allowed to buy marijuana.

"Various people will meet each other at the festival and some of them will sell marijuana, others will buy it," said Khvichia, "We want to show the world that we are different."

By Samantha Guthrie

Photo: Girchi

12 October 2018 12:55