Kaladze Meets Bristol Mayor

The Mayor of the capital, Kakha Kaladze, met with Bristol Mayor, Marvin Rees, the twin city of Tbilisi.

At the meeting, the sides discussed the issues of deepening cooperation in the field of economy, tourism and culture.

Kaladze informed Marvin Reece about the current and planned projects in Tbilisi. The Mayor also focused on municipal transport and night economy development projects of the city. He recognized that Bristol has a wealth of experience in terms of night economy development and noted that Tbilisi would like to share that experience.

“Bristol and Tbilisi are twin towns. This year we celebrate 30 years of friendship. It is very important that cooperation between our cities is still underway,” Kaladze noted.

Rees confirmed that Tbilisi and Bristol will further advance cooperation.

"I am glad to be in this beautiful city and we have many years of friendship. We talked about the common challenges we can work together to solve. These include air pollution, sustainable development and the promotion of a nightlife economy,” he said.

The meeting also focused on the topic of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Bristol and Tbilisi twinning. From September 19 to October 4, the Tbilisi History Museum hosted a joint exhibition of Georgian and British artists - "Unity is in Difference, Bristol and Tbilisi: 1988-2018" and on 27-28 September, at the invitation of the Bristol side, Georgia was presented as a Guest of Honor at the Encounters Film Festival, which is a short and animated films festival in UK.

By Thea Morrison


12 October 2018 09:45